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Kevin Rothrock - Its business time: Max Seddon dissects the controversy at ‘Vedomosti’ and reviews the nature of financial reporting in Russia today

Host Kevin Rothrock reviews what we know about developments at the newspaper Vedomosti and speaks to Financial Times Moscow correspondent Max Seddon about the newsroom controversy and business journalism in Russia more broadly.

Kevin Rothrock - From Russia With Junk: Why the U.S. Trashed the Ventilators Shipped From Moscow

“The Naked Pravda” speaks to BuzzFeed News correspondent Chris Miller about the U.S. government’s decision to discard 45 ventilators sent by Russia as part of a “humanitarian aid exchange” earlier this year.

Kevin Rothrock - Belarusian propaganda: From courting the West to taking Russia’s cues

“The Naked Pravda” speaks to Alexey Kovalev about his two most recent investigations into Belarusian propaganda: a decade-old PR campaign to ingratiate Alexander Lukashenko to the West and a collaboration now unfolding in Minsk with Russian journalists.

Kevin Rothrock - ‘RuNet Sovereignty’: How Russia is trying to isolate its Internet segment from the rest of the world, maybe

More crippling regulations and censorship saddles the Russian Internet every year, but it remains a space for surprisingly free speech and remarkable profits. How?

Kevin Rothrock - Treason and Military Journalism in Russia: The arrest and prosecution of Ivan Safronov

“The Naked Pravda” speaks to Human Rights Watch’s Rachel Denber and Harvard University’s Dmitry Gorenburg about the treatment of journalists and reporting on the military in Russia, following treason charges against Ivan Safronov.